Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fab Finds

Check out these fabulous wedding products from our "Fab Find" pages in the magazine.  Today we are featuring two great products that are perfect for your wedding reception.


Erase a Place
PlaceTiles makes any last minute changes to your
seating chart a breeze with these stylish erasable
ceramic place cards. PlaceTiles come in a variety of
designs and can also be used as a descriptive accessory
for each dish being served.


Playful Guest Books
Unlike traditional guest books, which are usually left in a
drawer after the
wedding, Bella Puzzles are the perfect
alternative with a fun and interactive
guest book! Guests can sign individual puzzle pieces
that create a
meaningful and beautiful heirloom full
of their loved ones' signatures and well wishes.
Puzzles can be framed for permanent display or stored
in it’s box and
reassembled on anniversaries.
It's a guest book you'll play with!