Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Top Knot Updos   LOVE THEM!

This new product makes getting the look easy as 1-2-3!

Get the sleek modern look of a top knot updo, with Bored with your Hair Top Knot Kit. Created by Suave Professionals Celebrity Hair Stylist and head stylist of NBC’s Fashion Star, Theodore Leaf. We just love this. Especially if your hair is a little thin, you can still achieve the look of full top knot.

Keeping things fun and fresh, Theodore Leaf has done it again! While filming Fashion Star with Suave Professionals® and having to create 50 or more looks per episode required Theodore to dig deep creatively and generate fresh looks. This type of creative thinking made Theodore come to the realization that he was bored with the same old up-dos and flowing locks, constantly created. So as a result he began working on a look that challenges the norm.....the top knot!

"We did a knot and everyone wanted to try it," said Leaf. After researching and making logistical decisions, the "Bored With Your Hair Top Knot Kit" was created! This kit is appealing because instead of girls watching a viral tutorial, where the right hair accessories are a must, Theodore thought, why not create a kit that gives girls the exact accessories they need to put together that perfect top knot! With 3 steps including pony, pull and pin, you can have classic yet sleek look to last all day! And the best part is...there are no straighteners, curling irons or styling skills needed. "I created the "Bored With Your Hair Top Knot Kit" so that girls could have everything they need to create perfect top knot every time," said Leaf. The "Bored With Your Hair Top Knot Kits" are now available in three colors, catering to all colors of hair, and perfect for any Bride to be! 

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