Thursday, August 8, 2013

Style Inspiration: Wedding Cakes

Today we are sharing some wedding cake (and cupcake!) inspiration! We are loving the fresh flowers and cool designs on some of these cakes. There are plenty of options out there for wedding cakes, and we love them all! Our selections are photographed by White Haute Photography, Siegel Thurston, Stewart Bertrand Photography, Love Art Photography, Bob Hoffman Photography, Scott Lawrence Studios, Studio Carré, Melissa Biador Photography, Shadowcatcher Imagery, and Ovation Photography and Design.

Image via White Haute Photography
Images via Stewart Bertrand
Image via White Haute Photography
Image via Bob Hoffman Photography
Image via Studio Carré and Melissa Biador Photography
Image via Ovation Photography & Design
Image via Shadowcatcher Imagery and Love Art Photography
Image via Scott Lawrence Studios
Image via Siegel Thurston