Monday, April 11, 2016

Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth C. Williams Hair & Makeup

Vendor: Elizabeth C. Williams Hair & Makeup
Location: Temecula & San Diego
Instagram: ecw.hairandmakeup
Specializes In: Bridal and special event hair and makeup
Signature Style: Elizabeth C Williams has 10 years of experience working on an array of ethnicity’s hair and skin tones. Her signature style is being able to perform a variety of flawless makeup, stylish up-do’s and hairstyle looks that fits each clients personal fashion.
Wedding Tip: When preparing for your wedding day, I would recommend no harsh chemical facials and or a drastic new color and cut the week of your wedding. I would suggest beauty treatments being done at least three to four weeks before your special day giving you enough time to avoid any beauty treatment surprises.

For Brides wanting to grow out their short or shoulder length hair to prepare for there bridal desired hairstyle, I would recommend taking your vitamins daily, avoid bleaching or highlighting your hair for a short period of time as this tends to dry out the hair and create split ends. Keeping up with your small trims to keep your ends fresh every 8 weeks & using a moisturizing conditioning treatment that you can do from home at least one to two times a week will transform your hair texture and length in no time. If you find that your hair still has not grown to your desired length, don’t panic, a couple clip in extensions for fullness and length can also do the trick!

"Let your inner beauty shine to the surface!"