Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ask Abby: Choosing My Cinderella Wedding Dress

"I've had my heart set on a mermaid dress since I first saw one, but when we went to try on dresses, it looked just okay on, not the WOW factor I was going for. What do I do now?"

Photo from M Bride

The best way to approach wedding dress shopping is with an open mind. If you have a certain sillhouette in mind, then of course try it on! However, you can also ask your assistant from the salon what she would choose. They may pull out something you never would have taken a second look at! Our moms were right when they said it can look one way on the hanger, and another on us.

Some people are lucky enough to find their perfect dress in the first 10 dresses they try on. For some people, it takes 100 dresses, and that's okay! Take your mom and/or a bridesmaid to help you decide but know that you can take your time to find your "Cinderella" dress!

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