Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ask Abby: How to Address Your Invitatons to Avoid Unwanted Plus Ones

Photo by Heather Anderson Photography /// Venue: Ponte Winery

After getting enganged, one of the hardest tasks of a wedding is making your guest list. When trying to stick to a budget, the more guests you have means the less you can spend per person. Traditionally, the best way to address your invitations is "Ms. Jane Doe" or "Ms. Jane Doe & Guest." This signals to your guest if they are being allowed a plus one. Additional guests at weddings can add up very quickly so it's best to decide early on who is going to be allowed a plus one.

If some guests try to write in their own plus one without being told they can have one, the best way to approach it is to contact them as soon as possible. You can always say it's because of your budget, the venue can only hold so many guests, or if they RSVP late and add a plus one, you can say they didn't respond on time. You can be polite but firm so there aren't any day of additions.

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