Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Friday: Bridal Shoes

More often than not, guests at your part won't be able to see the shoes you wear underneath your bridal gown.  However, some of the prettiest shots from your wedding might be of your shoes or have your shoes in them! We encourage you to explore your options when it comes to the shoes you wear for your wedding. Make sure they are comfortable, but more importantly have fun with them! The options are endless. Here, some wedding shoe inspiration for Fashion Friday brought to you by some of San Diego's finest photographers: Bob Hoffman Photography, Love Art Photography, Shadowcatcher Imagery, Scott Lawrence Studios, Stewart Bertrand, and White Haute Photography

Love Art Photography
Shadowcatcher Imagery
Left, Scott Lawrence Studios; Right, White Haute Photography
Left, Love Art Photography; Right, Bob Hoffman Photography
Left, Love Art Photography; Right, Stewart Bertrand
White Haute Photography
Stewart Bertrand
Right, Love Art Photography; Bob Hoffman Photography