Thursday, July 18, 2013

Style Inspiration: Getaways

One of the most iconic images in our minds of a wedding is of the "Just Married" sign on the back of the getaway vehicle.  Why not have a little fun with yours? Be creative and don't be afraid to break the mold - use a getaway vehicle that is either special to you as a couple or fits in well with the venue (like the ski lift at the bottom for a mountain wedding!).  You can always go the classic route and get a vintage car with fun decorations, or a horse and a carriage to be especially romantic.  Check out some of our favorite getaway inspiration images below, with a few brought by The Studios of Joseph Guidi, White Haute Photography, and Siegel Thurston Photography.
White Haute Photography

Images via Siegel Thurston Photography

Images via Studios of Joseph Guidi
Images via A Coastal Bride
White Haute Photography

Images via Tumblr
Left: Image via Studios of Joseph Guidi, Right: Image via Pinterest