Monday, September 9, 2013

Mangia Monday: Fall Ravioli

It's officially September (and not quite officially fall) but we couldn't help but get excited with some delicious autumn-specific recipes.  Autumn is one of those seasons that has a particular flavor in food, and in our opinion, it is a particularly tasty flavor.  Even though in San Diego we don't quite get the full-effect of fall like many other parts of the country, serving a dish that incorporates the feelings of changing leaves, cooler days, and sitting-by-the-fireplace-warmth surely makes it feel pretty close.  We found two fresh ravioli recipes that use fall flavors with sage, pumpkin, beets, and walnuts - and even a tutorial on how to make the fresh pasta (which tastes incredible) on this cool Australian-based food blog.

Photo Credit: Cary Pennington