Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: European Cake Gallery

Known for its high quality and reasonable prices, European Cake Gallery has been providing San Diego with the best cakes and pastries since 1975. 
We are the originators of the now-famous "Swiss Black Forest" cake. We invite you to visit our shop and taste the difference for yourself...

Located in scenic Point Loma!

Vendor: European Cake Gallery


Email: europeancakegallery@gmail.com

Company Background:

Born in Serbia, our recipe creator hailing from a family of bakers travel all over Europe, from Monte Negro, Greece, Paris, Italy, Austria, Russia, among others countries he learned not only their languages but the richness of their dessert recipes, creating  5 different cakes opening back his first shop in America, located in Morena Blvd. in 1975 and transferred to stay in beautiful Point Loma in 1975. His right hand man, hailing from generations of bakers as well, trained in numerous specialties such as Spanish, French, Filipino, and Mexican Baking among others,  joined his dream in 1998, since which together after thick and think, they have continued to keep the dream alive.

European Cake Gallery described in three words:


How would you describe the European Cake Gallery experience?

We make provide the customer with a real bakery experience, with simple yet high quality ingredients where one can find a delicious treat without pretentiousness, just real deliciousness all around.  No one worries about not finding a cake, no need to order walk –in take your cake along experience.

What is European Cake Gallery’s specialty?

We are the home of the famous Swiss Black Forest, which is three layers of moist chocolate cake, a filling of our home made chocolate mousse, a filling of our real whipped cream, which will also ice the cake topping it with milk chocolate shavings all over it.

What got you interested in the catering/ bakery industry and what is the most rewarding part of your job?

We really enjoy being part of our customer’s special day, such as a wedding in which for years guests still remember the amazing cake they have experienced.

That is the best feeling and our personal reward.

If you weren’t working with food and catering, what would you be doing?

We would still be here (LAUGH) because our family goes back in generations of bakers, even when we still have college education, this is a call not a career.

What is your favorite part about catering the dessert for weddings?

We make a little girl’s dream come true, years later when she becomes a bride.

We take pride in our name and quality and we want our name out there word to mouth. This happens at the wedding cake cutting. Every guest looks forward to this moment, we deliver, we do not disappoint.