Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Shalyn & Austin Waits

Shalyn and Austin met on a family camping trip when they were just fifteen years old. Ten years later, after breaking up, moving schools, growing up, and getting jobs, the two reconnected over MySpace out of the blue when Shalyn happened to be talking about her high school sweetheart with a friend at work.  Austin then used the opportunity at a friend's wedding in Hawaii to make Shalyn his fiancé. He had asked everyone's permission to do so and had gotten their blessing and encouragement. Their wedding theme was Fire and Ice, and the contrasting details came together for a beautiful ceremony and reception that reflected the bride and groom so perfectly.

Advice from Shalyn & Austin Waits
Put a basket of quick fixes in the restrooms with things like safety pins, band-aids, hair pins, etc. You'd hate for a guest to leave because of something that could have been remedied with something as simple as a safety pin.


Location The Omni Hotel
Coordinator Mint Weddings
Officiant Paul Frye
Photographer RHS Photo
Videographer Blue Pearl Productions
Florist J Design
Linens APR Fine Linen Rental
Entertainment Hill Music Entertainment, Positive Energy Productions
Catering The Omni Hotel
Cake Sweet Cheeks Bakery
Hair & Makeup Giovanni's Hair
Dress Here Comes the Bride
Men's Formalwear Men's Wearhouse
Jewelry JR Jewelers
Honeymoon Catalina Express