Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I thought this was so cute for a winter wedding. Hot chocolate, personalized mittens or scarfs for the guest and a little bit of snow. A little difficult to pull off in sunny San Diego since it is suppose to hit 80 degrees in some parts of the county in the middle of December but I'm thinking more of a Mammoth type affair. Click here for more information about your next Mammoth event.

Winter Wonderland in Brown and White

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Toy Drive

El Cordova Hotel is having a Holiday Toy Drive December 4 - December 23th. All you have to do is go by the hotel and donate an unwrapped new and unused toy for a small child at the hotel with choice of charity. We will also be raffling away a chance for 2-night stay at El Cordova Hotel that will announce at next month's monthly mixer held on January 7, 2010

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Work Christmas Party

Today is our work Christmas Party! Even though our tiny office consist of six people including the dog Tanner, we really look forward to our little get together because we get so busy throughout the year that we never have time to catch up. We usually go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner and do a little gift exchange and call it a day...definitely better than attending some huge office party where you don't even know half the people there and then have to worry about someone having a little too much to drink and seeing them in the office the very next day. No way, we choose to live on the safer side here. To all the brides and advertisers we work with, Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Engagement Season!

Last week I told you that I would post some more stats about the bridal industry and what we can kind of expect to happen...sort of. Anyways, here is another little fun fact for everyone. Did you know that December is the most popular month to get engaged! According to "The Wedding Report Inc," 18% of couples get engaged in December following with February with the second highest of 12%. If you are a girl out there secretly reading this blog while on the clock and you are waiting for the sparkly gift.... THERE'S HOPE! Don't do what I did where you thought every little moment was going to be it. It even got to the point where I was grocery shopping in heels because I thought it could be the moment, he never grocery shopped with me! I hate to say it but the next couple of months for all you ladies waiting could be long. HANG IN THERE!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Did you know...

 So I thought I would do a little research about how the year rounded out for bridal industry in 2009. I found so many unique facts especially when you put it into perspective with everyone that has been going on in the market these days. The next couple of weeks or so I will try to post some and you can give me your feedback.  For today posting is about colors brides and grooms were lovin and not lovin  in 2009!  The popular color was dust rose and blue.
-The wedding Report 2009-

  Brides would choose colors for these Wedding Related Items

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I Do" to Streaming

I was researching live streaming online the other day and thought it was a brilliant concept, especially for destination weddings. More and more couples are using live streams for the weddings for guest who cannot attend the actual wedding. This is a great idea for the bride who are tight on their budget or have to be firm on their head count, the bride who is having a very remote wedding or even the bride who is doing a private ceremony and having a reception later on to celebrate with family and friends. If this were something that might fit within your wedding plans, then I would ask your videographer for more details. Now for the dread question...ETIQUETTE! I do think it is proper to send a little invitation, not necessarily the same or as fancy as the actual wedding invitation but something nice to the people who have declined...maybe because the destination would be too expensive or older family members who can't make give them details of the live stream. Certainly do not send an invitation to those who were not invited to the wedding but invited to watch over the computer. Ultimately, you know your guest so feel it out! Below is a link for awesome videographers in San Diego!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's all about Distribution

The month of December tends to be one of the slower months at the magazine and so we tend to plan our vacations around the holidays. One of our newest members, Suzy, took a trip to Europe and proudly displayed our pride and joy. If you ever questioned how much we really love our magazine, this should answer your question. We are our greatest distribution. The magazine is such a well-traveled publication!

We are huge fans of Starbucks and will seek one out in the middle of the Sahara Dessert if we had to.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet Alert

 This just in...for all of you that didn't know, Nothing Bundt Cakes is opening a second location in the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar off of Via De La Valle! For those of you who have not experinced this amazing creation, they are a bundt cake retailer that offers many sizes as well as doing custom orders. I have tried the Lemon Cake and the Chocolate with Chocolate Chip. They are so good that I sometimes find myself thinking about them in the middle of the day and hoping for the next office birthday party to come so I can buy a cake. I visited the shop on a random Thusday morning right at open and it was packed. If you are thinking about ordering one for the Holidays, which I highly suggest you do, I would call ahead of time. They also do wedding orders as well!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today the office is proofing the Quick Guide that is being sent to the printers at the end of this week! I have to be honest, proofing is not my most favorite part of the job description but it is fun to see the layout of all the ads and articles. The Quick Guide isn't as bad either because it is a lot smaller than the magazine itself! Wish me luck!

This is the magazine when we print for proofing!