Thursday, November 27, 2014

Personalized Touches: Fall Table Runner

Details with a personalized touch make a wedding more your own. For a Fall wedding, a table runner of colorful leaves and gourds brings the coziness of the season to your table. The runner we made is 8 feet long x 8 inches wide and would look fantastic on a sweetheart or head table.

Materials Needed:
Strip of fabric the length of your table runner (we used burlap from Michaels that measured 15' x 5" and cut it to size)
Assorted autumn leaves (either real leaves from your yard or from a craft store - we used both)
Assorted small gourds (we used bags of small gourds by Ashland found at Michaels)
Spray Adhesive - we like Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive (craft store)
Glitter Finishing Spray - we like Recollections in gold (Michaels)

To make the table runner, lay out the fabric to its full length. Next to the fabric, start assembling the leaves. You will want to mix the colors and shapes and make the leaves a bit wider than the fabric. Once you have the leaves laid out how you want them, you can begin gluing them onto the fabric. Make sure you protect the area around your table runner from the over spray of the spray adhesive. Working in small areas at a time, spray the adhesive onto the fabric and then place the leaves onto the fabric. Once all of the leaves are attached, you can begin gluing the gourds onto the runner.

Once the adhesive is dry, spray the runner with glitter finishing spray. It gives the runner an extra layer of hold plus adds shine and subtle sparkle to the decor. Any extra gourds can be glued (use a hot glue gun) to ribbon to create matching napkin rings.

Submitted from our guest blogger-Kristin of Stephanie Rose Events, Fine Wedding Planning & Design, 858-461-8423. We appreciate the contribution to our San Diego Style Weddings Blog. Follow us for her weekly new craft or insight on ways to personalize your wedding!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Table Design Tuesday: Eclectic Chic

In the ever-evolving world that we live in, wedding “tradition” is almost a thing of the past. Here the designers mixed the old with the new, the rustic with the chic; incorporating elements of wood & metals, polished, refined and glamorous with the dated and not so modern. Adding pops of color in the floral arrangements and a little “bling” here and there gives new meaning to the term “eclectic-chic”.

The Dream Team
Photographer: Clifton Photography
Florist: Raphael’s Event Works  
Linens: The Event Elements/Raphael’s Event Works   
Chairs: Sunset Temple/Raphael’s Party Rentals  
Cake: Flour Power Cakery

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mangia Monday: Sparkling Spiced Apple Cider

To get you all in the Thanksgiving spirit, we found this delightfully festive cocktail for you to enjoy during your feast this Thursday.  This recipe from is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner and also suggests an alternative virgin option for the kids to try.  So after your done with that fantastic home cooked turkey, sit back and relax and be thankful that this drink exists.


**1 shot equals 1.5 ounces (35 ml)**
1/2 cup (100 grams) sugar
1/2 cup (125 ml) orange juice
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
4  shots (6 ounces, or 188 ml) chilled vodka (omit for kid-friendly version)
16 shots (24 ounces, or 700 ml) chilled sparkling cider
Combine the sugar, orange juice, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves in a small saucepan set over medium high heat. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until the sugar is completely dissolved and the mixture is the consistency of syrup. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. Allow to cool completely.
Use the syrup to rim 4 glasses, then dip the glasses into a sugar mixture (sanding sugar or cinnamon-sugar).
Add 1 shot of the syrup to each glass. Stir in 1 shot of vodka, then add 4 shots of sparkling cider per glass. Stir gently and serve.
For a stronger drink, increase the vodka to 2 shots per glass, and reduce the cider to 3 shots.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Personalized Touches: Quilt Guestbook

Details with a personalized touch make a wedding more your own. One often overlooked detail is your guestbook. Having guests add their well wishes to a wedding quilt, creates not just a guestbook alternative, but a family heirloom as well.

Materials Needed:
Fabric - light colors work best (fabric store)
Textile Markers - use markers specifically designed to write on fabric (fabric store or online)

The first step is to wash and iron your fabric. This will preshrink the fabric and make it ready for signatures.

Next you will cut squares of fabric. These can be any size you like. Quilting usually requires a 1/4" seam to sew the pieces together, so add an extra 1/2" to your desired square size. For example, if you want 7" squares, you will cut squares that measure 7.5"x7.5" to get the 1/4" allowance on each side of the square.

Several guests can write on each square, so cut squares for about a third of your expected guest count.

Attach the squares to cardboard with staples to hold the fabric in place as guests write their messages.

On the wedding day, display a sign that directs guests to sign the guestbook quilt. After the wedding, you have all of your guests' messages to sew into a wonderful quilt. There are several online sources with instructions for quilt making. This video provides basic instruction on creating a block quilt with 8" squares.

Photos by Heather Elise Photography

Submitted from our guest blogger-Kristin of Stephanie Rose Events, Fine Wedding Planning & Design, 858-461-8423. We appreciate the contribution to our San Diego Style Weddings Blog. Follow us for her weekly new craft or insight on ways to personalize your wedding!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Jessica & Isaac

Jessica and Isaac had their outdoor wedding on the spacious lands of Circle Oak Ranch.  Family members from all over gave generous contributions that made this wedding so special.  Jessica's aunt handmade her wedding gown, her dad performed the ceremony and her sister-in-law made all the decorations.  Their fairytale wedding was effortless and clearly filled with love and affection all that way to the top of the cake.

Location: Circle Oak Ranch
Photography: Jessica Davis Photography
Coordinator: Lavish Weddings
Florist: Urban Garden Floral & Event Design
Catering: Puesto
Hair & Makeup: Jeslin Salon & Boutique
Menswear: Nordstrom
Photo Booth: Mobile Photo Booth
Other: The Traveling Tavern


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Table Design Tuesday: Fairy Princess

This creative table design was created with an ethereal landscape of delightful desserts on a backdrop of feminine pastel tones. During the shoot, the bride pranced around in her fairy princess pale pink gown and enjoyed sips of tea while watching the weeping willow trees sway.

The Dream Team
Location: Valentino Estate
Photographer: Studio Carré
Florists: Isari Flower Studio
Coordinator: CBS Lifestylist
Stationery: Lucky to be in Love
Linens: La Tavola
Cake Plates: Some Things Borrowed
Desserts: Hey There, Cupcake!
Bridal Gown: Here Comes The Bride
Hair & Makeup: Beauty by Stacey
Model: Kimberly Daniels

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mangia Monday: Devils On A Horseback

Pass your hors doeuvre trays around topped with these tasty little puppies.  Festivities Catering and Special Events cooked up a scrumptious recipe that pops right into your mouth.  This interesting combination of bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with toasted almonds is just the right mixture of savory and sweet.  The hearty bacon taste paired with a faint bite of natural sugar is a taste bud experience you'll never forget.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday: Eugenia Couture Fall 2015

Eugenia Couture's new line keeps to the brands tradition of creating soft and romantic gowns but introduces major 2015 bridal trends in a fresh and sexy new way.  Gorgeous separates and base gowns with over dresses and coats give this line an edgy feel that brides will be dying for.  Eugenia Couture aims to create gowns that are practical and functional and this line shows how stunning those key elements can be.



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Personalized Touches: Candy Bouquet

Details with a personalized touch make a wedding more your own. Creating a bouquet out of candy is a fun detail for flower girls or even a sweet, whimsical bride. And since these bouquets can be created in any color combination, they will always match your style and decor.

Materials Needed:4" Styrofoam ball (Michaels or craft store)Dum Dum lollipops - you'll need about 120 (grocery store or online)Ribbon - about 18" of ribbon to create the loop to hold the bouquet (craft store or online)Hot Glue GunToothpick(optional) paper flowers, crystals, bows to embellish the bouquet To create the bouquet, you'll work in 4 sections. First insert the lollipops in a line around the middle of the Styrofoam ball. The lollipops should sit securely in the Styrofoam. To make them more secure, you can place a little hot glue on the end of each lollipop stick before inserting it into the Styrofoam.  Next insert a second line of lollipops perpendicular to the first line to create four equal sections on the ball. Then you continue to insert lollipops in each section of the Styrofoam until the ball is completely covered.  Take the ribbon and fold it in half. Glue both loose ends to the top of a a toothpick with the hot glue. Then place hot glue on the toothpick and insert it into the candy bouquet. The candy bouquet can be embellished with paper flowers, bows, or crystals to match your colors and decor.

Photos by Ian Grant
Submitted from our guest blogger-Kristin of Stephanie Rose Events, Fine Wedding Planning & Design, 858-461-8423. We appreciate the contribution to our San Diego Style Weddings Blog. Follow us for her weekly new craft or insight on ways to personalize your wedding!

Inspiration Thursday: Sheer Romance

Soft pastel hues with distressed antique touches create a romantic old world ambience.  This inspiration board created by Cynthia Zatkin Events shows just how beautiful a few delicate and simple details can be.  You can never go wrong with beige as a main color and this inspiration board proves that you don't need all the colors of the rainbow to make your wedding day pop.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah France Photography


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Table Design Tuesday: Hundred Acre Woods

You can’t help but smile as you look at this charming DIY inspired, 100 Acre Woods Table design.  With vibrant sunflowers, Gerber daises and baby’s breath cheerfully arranged on this farm table with a mason jar chandelier, incorporating burlap, vintage lace, lemons, strawberries and cherries gives this design a warm “tummy’ feeling just as Pooh would like it.

The Dream Team
Coordinator/Florist: Flowers Forever

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mangia Monday: Bloody Mary Bar

Inspired by Continental Catering, open up post wedding brunch with a Bloody Mary Bar.  Let guests choose the right amount of spice and desired amount of "kick" and you're on your way to a brunch almost as special as the main event the night before.  Top off the bar with fresh plump shrimp, pitted manzanilla olives and bacon salt and you're good to go.

PHOTO CREDIT: Continental Catering