Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Must-have

Is bling your thing?   

Then you’re going to LOVE these sparkling high quality, handcrafted alternative wedding bouquets by Blue Petyl Bouquets.

At Blue Petyl, they use a variety of materials in their specialty bridal bouquets: brooches, buttons, jewelry, crystals, fabric flowers, and bling! So whether you choose a brooch bouquet, a button bouquet, or a jeweled flower bouquet, BluePetyl Bouquets will most certainly impress your guests and can be kept and displayed as an everlasting symbol of your wedding.


They offer pre made and custom bouquets across a wide range of prices. The differences in price depend on the materials used and the size of the bouquet. For an extra personal touch, you can even send them a small selection of your own heirloom jewels to include in your bouquet.


Check them out:


Here are a few samples!