Monday, March 25, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Marion’s Childcare

Having kids in your wedding and at your wedding can be challenging. 

Marions’ Childcare knows this and is ready to step in an help keep the little ones happy, busy and well taken care of while the adults enjoy the wedding celebrations.

They have several different options for wedding childcare and they can customize any of them to fit the needs of your guests.

N ROOM CARE - First, they can send individual caregivers to your guests' hotel rooms, or you can provide a room adjacent to the reception hall for the childcare. You simply need to let them know the names of the families and how old the children are, and they will reserve sitters for each family. The rates range from $17 to $20 per hour for each caregiver, and we have a four-hour minimum. Payment is in cash, directly to each caregiver, at the end of the evening.

GROUP CARE STAFFING - If you would like to provide childcare in a room adjacent to the reception hall, they ask that you provide a TV/DVD player in the room, cribs as needed, blankets and pillows, children's meals, and vendor meals for our caregivers. The rate per caregiver is $20-$21 per hour, and there is the 4-hour minimum. Again, the caregivers should be paid in cash at the end of the time of service. Let them know how many children will be attending and their ages, and we can determine how many caregivers will be needed. Each of their caregivers will bring a bag of their own toys and games appropriate to the ages of the children attending. It is recommended that any crafts or other special activities be provided to the caregivers, and they can take care of supervising them.

WEDDING MAGIC FULL-SERVICE WEDDING CHILDCARE - If you have more than 10 or 12 children, their Wedding Magic package is a great option. This also takes place in a room adjacent to the reception hall, but they bring in the audio-video equipment, including a full sound system, fun and kid-friendly room decor, lots of toys and games, an activity director, video games, and a secure check-in, check-out system. Their staff wear uniform vests for a more professional look. They ask that vendor meals, meals for the children, cribs (if needed), and pillows and blankets be provided. This package starts at $1,200 for 6 hours (the minimum for the package) for up to 15 children, and payment can be made to our office by check or credit card. Additional children can be added for $80 per child. They have had great success with this package at many San Diego hotels and we enjoy providing an event-within-an-event, especially for the children.

They would love to assist with any kind of wedding or other event.  Just email or call (619) 303-4379 for more information.