Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trend Spotting: Cage Veils

Cage veils are becoming more and more popular and they are one trend we really love.  A cage veil is usually made from wide netting, but can also be made in traditional illusion netting.  The cage veil should hit no further down on your face than your nose, and can be worn in addition to a tradition veil and treated like a blusher, or can be worn alone and adorned with a sparkling hairpiece. 

Any way you choose to to wear it, a cage veil is great addition to you bridal look and works great in an elegant, modern setting as well as a vintage casual setting.  And best of all, they look great in photos! 

Here are a few real San Diego Brides wearing cage veils.

1. Kristina Chartier Photography  
2. Bob Hoffman Photography & Video   
3. Love Art Photography
4. Shadow Catcher Imagery 
Love Art Photography 
6. Melissa Biador Photography 
Love Art Photography