Friday, June 7, 2013

Fashion Friday: Delphine Manivet Fall 2013 Collection

French designer Delphine Manivet’s Fall 2013 Bridal Collection embodies the elegance and charm of a bride on the quest for Grace.  Her definition of Grace: respectful and respected, slightly inaccessible, ethereal, mysterious, and on the verge of the divine.  The contrast of both delicate and bold fabrics present in her designs symbolizes the multidimensional Grace, her muse. Delphine Manivet marries two time periods – the 30’s and 70’s – in her Fall Collection by showcasing dresses that are glamorous and sophisticated while also displaying freshness and freedom.   Manivet went a different direction this season by drifting from her usual fluidity on a quest for more texture, including knits, and sharper fabrics.  Delphine Manivet’s Fall 2013 Collection certainly proves another aspect of her brand’s personality, while still remaining true to the foundation of a mysterious, timeless, and sophisticated woman that is not afraid to break the mold.


Photo Credit: Delphine Manivet