Friday, December 12, 2014

Blossoming Bouquets: Red the Color of Romance

Photo: Siegel Thurston Photography  |  Bouquet: White Wedding Day Events

Red seems to symbolize romance in so many ways. Let the bold and vibrant red of the holidays shine through on your wedding flowers of choice. We love the elegant and strong touch red bouquets give a wedding.  These four romantic red bouquets are all unique in their own way. We love the hand ribbon tied stems especially when little buttons and jewels are added to finish the look. With many red flower options to chose from, it makes it easy to find ones in season no matter what time of year.

LEFT Photo: Stacy Childers Photography  |  Bouquet: Oliver Thorne VSF&E
RIGHT Photo: Bubba-Loo Photography  |  Bouquet: Moments in Bloom

Don’t forget red is a fabulous accent color with lime green and yellows for the bouquets that are designed for spring or fall weddings too.

Photo: Melissa McClure Photography  |  Bouquet: Flowers by Coley