Friday, June 19, 2015

Vendor Spotlight: Jenny Wenny Cakes

Vendor: Jenny Wenny Cakes
Phone: (619) 356-0536
Social Media: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram

Company Background: Jenny Wenny Cakes is a custom bakery specializing in cakes, cookies and desserts for all occasions. We bake from scratch using the best possible ingredients, including free range eggs.

Jenny is, by training, a Medicinal Chemist with a science background. Learning from an early age in her mother’s kitchen in England, she has always loved to bake treats, and after moving to the United States she was missing a taste from home, and looking for a creative outlet, so started creating delicious cakes for her friends. After learning pastry arts from James Foran at Grossmont College, Jenny quickly found cakes were a passion and took lessons with cake artists such as Elise Strauss, Jaqueline Butler (petalsweet cakes) and Lauren Kitchens, to create cakes that she hoped would be as great to look at as they taste.