Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Rudee & Jeffrey

10/3/2015  |  Swiss Park and Banquet Hall

Rudee and Jeffrey's goal was to have a big party where they just happened to get married at the beginning. The ceremony was just about the couple, with no wedding party, and they were married by the groom's family friend who also married the groom's parents. The bride's close friend played piano and sang for her walk down the aisle. The ceremony felt intimate and they were surrounded by our closest family and friends. Then it was time for food and that's when the party began. By the end of the night, their friends pitched in and paid to extend the wedding another hour because it was too much fun to go home. It was exactly whatthey  wanted

Location: Swiss Park and Banquet Hall
Photographer: Sam Bentovoja
Entertainment: A&D Entertainment
Hair & Makeup: Shari Stull the Hair Docktor
Gown: Aria Bridal Escondido