Thursday, August 10, 2017

Inspiration Thursday: 65 Free Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booths have become one of the best parts of any wedding reception. Guests scramble around getting into funny poses to capture the celebration and excitement. Set up the perfect photo booth by having a variety of fun props for your guests to try on.

Whether you want to let guests get silly with animal masks or to express themselves with emojis, we have 65 props that will make your reception memorable. Browse our free wedding photo booth printables, select your favorite templates and click the download button to print right at home!

After selecting your props, don’t forget to leave your guests with a personalized wedding favor that they will keep for years to come. Nothing says thank you like a one-of-a-kind keepsake from your big day.

65 Free Wedding Photo Booth Printables

Select and download your favorite templates to create a wedding photo booth experience your guests will love! To assemble your wedding photo booth props, print each page on durable card stock. Then, cut out the prop along the dotted lines and super glue or tape to a wooden dowel.

Printable Words on a Stick Wedding Photo Booth Props

Maybe you and your partner want guests to send funny messages while they’re striking a pose on your big day. If that’s the case, these are the photo booth props you’ve been searching for! They’ll encourage anyone who wants to take a silly photo to let loose and be as creative as possible. With signs like “I came for the cake,” “Dancing Queen”  and “Party Animal,” there will be no shortage of laughs. You and your partner will have a blast reviewing the night and sharing some of these hilarious pics on social media.

Printable Fall Wedding Photo Booth Props

 What’s not to love about fall? With the beautiful colors of changing leaves, pumpkins galore and refreshing cool air, it’s the ideal season for a wedding. When you’re planning for your wedding photo booth, choose props that highlight all of the things you adore about the season. From glasses in fall-themed colors to seasonal sweets and beverages, you won’t be able to get your guests to put down our printable photo booth props. The most important part is that you and your partner will have memories from your special day that include all of your favorite people. 

Printable Winter Wedding Photo Booth Props

There are so many things that make people smile about winter, which should make it easy to choose wedding photo booth props everyone will enjoy. Whether you want guests to feel like they’re in a winter wonderland or remind them of seasonal treats when they’re striking a pose, our wedding photo booth props will do just that. You and your partner will be sure to get a few laughs as you look at friends and loved ones making funny faces while sipping hot cocoa or posing in winter-themed mustaches and bow ties.


Printable Spring Wedding Photo Booth Props

Spring is the season that breathes life into nature with budding trees and blooming flowers. You and your partner can capture all of these delightful features when planning for your wedding photo booth by making sure to include spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, peonies and cherry blossoms for props. While these flowers won’t keep your guests from making ridiculous faces and poses, they’ll at least look nice in the photos they take. This is something both you and your partner will appreciate when you reflect on the day.

Printable Summer Wedding Booth Props

The best part about a summer wedding is that guests come ready to have a good time. Who can blame them? The warm temperatures and sun-filled days are reason enough to smile. Encourage your guests to fully embrace summer by adding fun wedding photo booth props like tropical beverages, seasonal fruit and bright sunglasses. These items will make everyone at your wedding excited about snapping a few photos. When it’s all said and done, you and your partner can look back on your big day while sharing a few laughs at the funny photos.

Printable Masquerade-Themed Wedding Photo Booth Props

Do you want your guests to experience the glamorous life? They can, for a moment or two, while creating lasting memories in your photo booth. No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, these props are a must-have. Not only will you have a wedding photo booth full of glitz and glam, but your guests will love every moment spent crafting different personas with the items you provide. From champagne flutes to masquerade masks, there will be a wide variety of photo props to transport your guests to a place that only exists in their imaginations.


Printable Nautical-Themed Wedding Photo Booth Props


 Is your wedding on a yacht or boat? If it is, you shouldn’t think twice about having nautical themed photo props. Even if your wedding is on land, these props will work if you and your partner love sailing or anything related to the sea. Just imagine your guests laughing in a captain’s hat, with an anchor or lobster. They will have a blast pretending they’re in the ocean and will give you tons of silly moments from your wedding to reminisce on with your partner. 

Printable Animal-Themed Wedding Photo Booth Props

Whether you like cute and cuddly animals or ferocious lions, tigers and bears, give your guests out of the ordinary photo props for some of the most entertaining pics you will see. You won’t believe the crazy poses you come across as you see your friends and family take on new personalities. To encourage them to find their spirit animal, provide wedding photo booth props like masks in the design of an elephant, giraffe, cheetah and more. This is an ideal theme to go with if you are having an outdoor wedding at a venue in the woods.

Printable Emoji Wedding Photo Booth Props

Like it or not, emojis have become a way of communicating for a lot of us. From showing how funny something is to expressing our love and excitement, we use them on a daily basis. You can catch your guests off guard and give them something to laugh about by providing them with silly props that resemble a laughing face, kissing face or playful face. When you look back at the pics, you will enjoy the candid moments of your guests fumbling around to find the perfect emoji for their photo booth shoot.

Printable Snapchat Wedding Photo Booth Props

If there’s one social media platform that has reshaped the stories we tell with our selfies, it’s Snapchat. You can’t deny all the time you’ve spent making ridiculous faces that have you laughing for hours on end. So why not turn these entertaining filters into props for your wedding photo booth. Guests will have a blast snapping a million pics with their favorite filters like rainbow vomit, the flower crown and the puppy. At the end of the day, you and your partner won’t be able to contain your laughter when you see your parents or grandparents with these funny props.

Printable Retro-Themed Wedding Photo Booth Props


 Anytime you bring a large group together, you’re bound to have people from different generations. This makes your wedding photo booth the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to iconic decades like the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Throwing it back to these fun years will encourage guests to think back to their favorite decade and show it off in their pics. Whether your photographer captures outdated dance moves or guests simply laughing as they reminisce, these will be photo booth moments that you and your partner will cherish forever.