Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: DesignWorks Floral

Vendor Designworks Florals
Phone 619-203-4456
Social Media Facebook

Company Background:
Started in 1975 by Lisa Whitebread
Cuyamaca College board member
Freelance Designer for Oscar Parties with Silver Birches Design
Chaparral High School board member

Designworks Florals described in three words:
Custom Floral Design

Why floral design? What about your career makes it worthwhile each day?
It’s always different. Each day brings a new opportunity to think outside the box and design a new piece of temporary architecture.

What got you interested in floral design?
Taking architecture classes took me through the floral design building… I was hooked.

What are some trends you foresee in floral designs?
More true art and architecture. I keep an eye on Europe’s top designs and am inspired by them.
More ways to ‘go green’ in planning your weddings and events.

What’s your favorite flower? Color combination?
Green and white will always be special to me—but I truly love all flowers.

How would you describe the Designworks floral style?
Organic—I grow a few special items here at the studio and they are truly organic. I also have a very natural style, born in the garden. Literally. My Mother is a retired garden planner for the City of San Diego and a Master Gardener.

Name one thing that sets Designworks apart from its competitors:
I work right here on the growing grounds in my studio. Not only does cut overhead considerably, it also provides extremely  fresh product.