Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ask Abby: Should I Include the Dress Code on my Invites?

Is San Diego, most weddings will fall into one of the following categories: Black Tie, Cocktail Attire or SoCal Casual. If you're having a black tie affair, go for it! Just make sure your guests know so they don't accidentally show up in SoCal Casual. If you don't include the dress code, you're guests will be wondering just how fancy they need to dress? So in the long run to save yourself a lot of texts and phone calls later on, it's easiest to just include the dress code on the invites so everyone knows.

Black Tie: A very formal affair, the men will be in tuxes or dark suits and the women will be in floor length gowns.

Cocktail Attire: Most weddings fall somewhere in the cocktail attire. Not quite as fancy as black tie but everyone will still be looking nice. The men can wear dress slacks and a button down and the  ladies can get away with a dressier sundress! 

SoCal Casual: Beach weddings are taking a turn towards SoCal Casual. Nice jeans and a dressy top can fit this bill!

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