Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Annie & Steve

11/14/2015  |  Grand Tradition Estate
Annie and Steve's ceremony started at 10am with a parade, followed by a traditional hand tying ceremony, then they ended the night dancing to traditional music with 400 of Annie's father's closest friends; did we mention he used to be the President of the Laotian Community Association and Annie is his first-born daughter? It all came together as the had their Laotion Wedding with over 400 wedding guests, 3 outfit changes, the groom from New Jersey looked like a scene out of Aladdin, and they had so much Hennesey they needed to rent a u-haul. It was an honor for them to celebrate Annie's heritage, and they are did it all over again for what Annie's parents called their "American Wedding" on November 14, 2015-- exactly one year apart!

Location: Grand Tradition Estate
Photography: ABM Photography
Videography: Bill Hunter
Florist/Linens: The Finishing Touch Wedding Design
Stationery: All That Glitters
Gown: M. Bride