Friday, February 14, 2014

Fashion Friday: When in Rome

Denis F. Modugno, an Italian from Rome, has been in the US for a couple of years. He came over to study at Brigham Young University in Idaho where he met his wife Nicole Stefl. The couple dated for almost a year before Denis took Nicole back to Italy to meet his family. After a few weeks in Rome, Denis took Nicole to his favorite spot along the Mediterranean coast. They walked along the shore and played the game of "twenty-one questions", a game they enjoy. Before leaving their special spot along the shore, Nicole asked Denis if he had any other "questions?" With the ring in his pocket, Denis said "no" and dropped to his knees. As Nicole got up and leaned over to help Denis stand up, she took his hands and at that moment, Denis looked in Nicole's eyes and asked, "will you marry me?" And, as Denis says, "the rest is history".

Class Act Tuxedo had the pleasure of meeting Denis six months prior to his wedding, and provided his tuxedo along with the rest of the groom's party for his brother-in-law's wedding (Nicole's brother David). So, when Denis came back to them for his formalwear needs, they couldn't have been more delighted. Class Act wish Denis & Nicole the very best! SDSW loves the color combination of the tan suits and Tiffany blue accents that Class Act provided.

Photo Credits: Crystal Carlson