Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Blue Petyl Bouquets

Vendor Blue Petyl Bouquets
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Company Background:
Established in 2010 by husband and wife team, Wini and Joe, Blue Petyl creates custom brooch bouquets and jeweled artificial flower bouquets. Our keepsake wedding bouquets have been featured in weddings around the world, and can be cherished long after your wedding. Browse products, submit a custom order request, or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our designers. Get ready to impress your guests!

Blue Petyl Bouquets described in three words:
Unique, Custom, Attentive

Why floral design? What about your career makes it worthwhile each day?
Each bouquet we make is unique so we have the opportunity everyday to do something just a little bit different than the day before. It really keeps us on our toes and we love being able to collaborate closely with our brides.

What got you interested in floral design?
We were inspired by the idea a bride could keep her bouquet as a reminder of her big day. Traditional bouquets perish so quickly, we really wanted to provide a bouquet that could actually be handed down and cherished as a keepsake.

What are some trends you foresee in floral designs?
Brides today want to put personal touches throughout their wedding.  Our jeweled bouquets are a great way to do this. Brides can include personal pieces like heirlooms, jewelry, photos of loved ones. We have even included quite a range of items actually, even a rabbits foot.

What’s your favorite flower? Color combination?
Purple and Teal are two of our favorite colors. We absolutely love hydrangeas, they are so versatile and come in such wonderful colors.

How would you describe the Blue Petyl Bouquets floral style?
Constantly evolving and unique.

Name one thing that sets Blue Petyl Bouquets apart from its competitors:
Whether it is for a new design or a request from a bride, we are not afraid to work with new materials and try new things. We look forward to the challenge, actually.

The Team at Blue Petyl Bouquets