Monday, November 11, 2013

Mangia Monday: Stone Cold

When you read the words "ice cream" it conjures up images of chasing after a truck belting out "The Entertainer," victory visits to your local shop after youth sporting or lose, or even just sitting with the family on a sumer day and enjoying the tasty delight over with some good conversation drizzled over it. But how can you possibly improve on such a timeless classic? How you can you reinvent ICE CREAM!?

Well, Sensational Treats has an answer...liquid nitrogen! The hippest thing to hit the coasts has been around for years but we have perfected it! Makes you scream for more because it’s MUCH COOLER. It’s the new trend that has top chefs everywhere interested in molecular gastronomy. It's...freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen which makes the creamiest, densest, and most wonderful ice cream!