Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: CBS Lifestylist

Coordinator Catherine Bachelier Smith
Phone 760-889-3725
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Company Background
CBS Lifestylist has been in business 13 years and has coordinated 350+ events and weddings. CBS plans weddings and events in the greater part of California and internationally.

CBS Lifestylist described in three words
Weddings, Wardrobe, Family

Why wedding and event planning? What about your career makes it worthwhile each day?
Wedding coordinating is more than just giving the couple a task list, it is creating a journey that is fun, loving, and brings the whole family together. I believe very deeply in the institution of marriage and the bringing together of two families. It is worthwhile each day because planning weddings and events requires equal parts managing, creativity, and trouble shooting. It stimulates every part of my brain and keeps me connected to all ages and types of people.

If you weren't in the wedding & event industry, what would you be doing?
Part of CBS Lifestylist is wardrobe and magazine styling. I style photo shoots for every wedding magazine in the San Diego area! If I were not involved in this industry, I would be styling wedding and fashion magazines full time.

What is your favorite part and/ or moment of the wedding, and why?
This is a two part question: Part 1: Most of the "wedding" is the process that leads to the actual wedding day. My favorite part of this process is when I meet the couple and family for the first time. It seems to be the one time that brainstorming and dreaming is fully accepted. I take very careful notes at the initial meeting and refer back to it often. Sometimes the couple wants to go off on tangents which is just fine, but I believe that referring to the original vision and it's fully expression is where the magic lays. Part 2: My favorite part of the wedding day is the moment we begin to line up for the ceremony: all excitement, nervousness, and anticipation reaches its full state. It is happy and terrifying at the same time! I enjoy settling nerves and creating a sense of peace. Once they are down the asile, all the glory of the process has been achieved!

How would you describe the CBS Lifestylist experience?
The CBS Lifestylist experience is carefully walking the couple through the process of managing their wedding, designing, their wedding and troubleshooting details. The art of making all three elements seamless and fun is my forté!

Name one thing that sets CBS Lifestylist apart from its competitors:
I am a great connector. I appreciate my ability to connect my clients with the most perfect vendors. By doing so, I create a fulfilling and joyful experience. The bride and groom achieve their vision by having connections with the best vendors.

What is one important piece of advice you would like to share with brides?

There's a lot of talk about what you "need" to do for your wedding, however there's actually only a few things you need to do. The rest of the superfluous details are just for fun. I'll keep you on the track for the real needs and then we'll have fun with the rest!