Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Festivities Catering

Vendor Festivities Catering & Special Events 
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Company Background
Festivities Catering & Special Events began in 1987 as a supplementary catering and event planning company that serviced sister company Picnic People. Festivities was designed to field clients' requests for formal catering, year-round catering, drop-off catering and events catering. The company has since grown into one of the largest catering and event planning companies in San Diego, providing corporate and private clients with successful wedding, corporate, social, and gala catering and event planning services. Festivities Catering is a large - yet extremely friendly - highly talented team of individuals committed to exceeding client expectations and delivering spectacular cuisine, service, and experience every time.

Festivities Catering & Special Events described in three words:
Creative, passionate, experienced

What type of cuisine does Festivities Catering cater?
All types: American regional, French, Indian, fusion, Latin American, Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Asian, and vegetarian.

What got you interested in the catering industry, and what is the most rewarding part of your job?
I was involved in the catering industry almost from the get-go. Picnic People was the first venture, and then Festivities Catering & Special Events came shortly after that as a way to provide even more services to our wonderful clients. I love that each day is entirely different and I love helping make memories for people .Catering is still fun after all this time, and as long as I have the opportunity and ability to create a special moment for someone else, then I will always feel as though each day is a reward.

What's special about catering for weddings? what is your favorite part about catering for weddings?
Wedding have an entirely "magical" quality about them. Brides and grooms typically have very exact visions, and we get to be creative in how we can turn those visions into a reality. It's demanding, sure, but it's so rewarding. Seeing a smiling bride on her wedding day, and knowing that something you've done has helped her feel that way, is very special. Plus, I'm a female too; I've been there and know what it's like to want your fairytale. I'm lucky to be a part of that for women all over San Diego.

How would you describe the Festivities Catering experience?
Thorough, satisfying, stress-free, rewarding and fun. The planning is an experience in and of itself because we take your event visions and dreams and figure out how to make your wedding day - or special event - exactly like those dreams.

Name on thing that sets Festivities Catering apart from its competitors:
Our longevity and experience - we've truly seen it all in this industry and are so prepared to deal with challenges, whether they're anticipated or happen on the day of an event. Our team is great at finding solutions; I'm so proud of what they do.

Founder and CEO of Festivities, Lisa Richards