Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Stephanie Rose Events

Coordinator Stephanie Rose Events
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Company Background:
It was a longtime dream of mine to own my own company. I had always loved events and I adore weddings. After surviving breast cancer, I decided it was time to take a step towards fulfilling my dream of being a business owner.  It was an easy decision to name the company Stephanie Rose Events in honor of my grandmothers, Stephanie and Rose. These two very different women never met. Yet my family celebrates traditions, recipes, language and faith based on both of their lives. And to me, that’s what marriage is all about – the combining and honoring of family traditions. The Stephanie Rose Events team has had the honor of celebrating marriages of all sizes, styles and traditions throughout Southern California. We prefer to work with couples as full service planners and designers, but also offer month-of coordination for couples who need some extra support during crunch time. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Stephanie Rose Events described in three words:
Energetic Caring Perfectionists

Why wedding and event planning? What about your career makes it worthwhile each day?
I have always loved events. When I had corporate jobs, they always had some type of event element – tradeshows, training events, marketing events, golf tournaments – which was always my favorite part of my job. I love to throw dinner parties, elaborate birthday parties and anniversary parties. I first started planning corporate events as weddings were a bit intimidating to me. I couldn’t imagine the pressure of planning the biggest day of someone’s life. I was encouraged by my closest friends and family, the people who knew me best, to try wedding planning. They recognized my passion, energy and event skills would make a perfect wedding planner. After my first wedding I was hooked! I felt amazing pride in seeing how happy the bride and groom were. I felt like I could fly! And I’ve been planning weddings ever since.

What’s your favorite part and/ or moment of the wedding, and why?
Family is the most important part of a wedding. The decor, the food, the music is all important. But the blending of two families to create a new family – celebrating the traditions and experiences of both families by joining a husband and wife together is for me the magic behind the wedding day.

How would you describe the Stephanie Rose Events experience?
The Stephanie Rose Events experience is relaxing, educational and fun! We genuinely like our couples and working together is more like collaborating with friends. We celebrate your milestones and support you through any stress. We ensure our couples have a complete understanding of the wedding planning process and that the planning is fun!

Name one thing that sets Stephanie Rose Events apart from its competitors:
At Stephanie Rose Events, we know weddings are a family event. We take special care to make sure each family member’s needs are being met and that family traditions are celebrated. We love to talk with our mothers of the couple and help them contribute to the wedding day.

What is one important piece of advice you would like to share with brides?
Your wedding day will fly by! The week before your wedding you be pulled in so many different directions – there are last minute details to decide, items need to be picked up, out-of-town guests want to spend time with you, etc, etc. Please bring a planner onto your team so you can turn over all those details and last minute stressors to a professional. And whatever you do, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your wedding day!

If you weren’t in the wedding & event industry, what would you be doing?
Along with my love of family and events is a passion for traveling. If I was not working in the event industry, I would love to be a travel writer for a luxury travel magazine.

Photo Credit: Melissa McClure Photography